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Keep Kids Clutter Under Control

Keeping kids clutter under control.    Kids. They’re kind of all over the place and into everything. And they love to leave a trail of painful-to-step-on toys wherever they go. Plus, as they get older, they tend to treat the entire house like their bedroom, with shoes,...

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T'was The Night Before

T’was the night before the holiday   and all through the house,   not an item was misplaced,   not even by your spouse.   The clothing was nestled   on deep sturdy shelves,   the shoes were displayed,   as if by...

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Five Real Life Benefits of a Custom Closet

Five real life benefits of a custom closet. Most of us breathe a little easier when we reduce the clutter in our homes.  But did you know there are actual physical and psychological benefits? It’s true. Here are five reasons to get that clutter in order all over your...

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The Five Biggest Wastes of Space

The Five Biggest Wastes of Space in a Master Closet Chances are, you’ve got a ton of clothes, accessories and shoes and not a ton of room to store it all in. That’s okay. We’re all pretty much in that boat. Which is why it’s so essential to get rid of space that either...

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Keep Sports Gear Under Control with a Closet Organizer

Are your kids determined to be the next John Elway, Serena Williams, or Barry Bonds? Has your home turned into a catch-all for balls, bats, helmets, and cleats? If so, you know how frustrating it is to constantly navigate through the mess of your child's sporting equipment, and it's...

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Closet Shelving Can Make All the Difference

Closet shelving can help you make the most of your closet space by keeping everything easily visible and accessible. There are many ways that you can use shelving in your closet, and you may be wondering how you can best organize your things. To create the closet storage space of your dreams,...

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5 Closet Storage Ideas You Should Follow

A closet can be a messy place. When you're getting dressed in a hurry, clothes, belts, and shoes can end up getting thrown haphazardly on the floor. This can create a problem the next time you go to get dressed because it's difficult to know where anything is! An organized closet, on the...

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Closet Design

3 Ways Custom Closets Increase Storage Space and Organization If the organization is a problem, the cause is most likely to be insufficient storage space and/or inefficient configuration. Decluttering only goes so far for most people. After all, wardrobes, shoe and accessory collections, and...

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Professional Storage Closet

Benefits of Professional Storage Closet A storage closet is a small but significant part of your home -- after all, it's something that houses and protects some of your most valuable items when they're not in use. This is especially true in situations where your storage closet is...

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Murphy Beds Can Transform Your Room

Transform Your Closet into A Cozy Room With A Murphy Bed Who doesn’t love the idea of magically pulling their bed out of the wall creating more free space? No matter what the size of your room murphy beds introduce a whole new concept when installing in a closet or room. Murphy beds are...

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